GemX do-Organizer v3.0.0.9

Votay GemX do-Organizer v3.0.0.9

GemX do-Organizer v3.0.0.9

GemX do-Organizer v3.0.0.9 is a versatile, elegant, customizable and friendly information management system for private or business use, with a refreshing difference. It’s not your usual box approach organizer. Built with the personal and professional needs in mind. do-Organizer offers an integrated solution for managing and organizing Contacts, Appointments, Tasks, Notes, Daily Journals, Brain Storming, Planner Events, full Email client, URLs bookmark manager and a “Vault” for keeping all your sensitive information such as passwords highly secure environment. do-Organizer makes managing and organizing your daily affairs a breeze.


* Clean and intuitive user-friendly interface.
* Full graphical standard Windows interface.
* Low system resource requirements.
* Main window snapping to the desktop.
* Can import TexNotes™, WizQuote™ and Outlook™ data.
* Can import and export to a PocketPC.
* File storage and structure supported with an internal industrial strength GemX DobermanDB™ database engine.
* Non traditional focused based, multi linked data management.
* Support for large database files subject to your storage device capacity.


* Import/Export window, cosmetic display of Help button caption.
* Import/Export – Outlook Appointments, Contacts, Tasks with Outlook 2000+/SP1/SP2.
* Tasks – “Show tasks in sub-folders”.
* Scribe indexing older version 2 notes.
* Journal indexing older version 2 notes.
* Indexing of Mailer messages.
* Reports – Listing of Journal entries and Scribe Notes.
* Import/Export PocketPC connections.
* Import/Export CSV.
* Sorting by Flag Marker name in Contacts.


* Random image on home page by supplying a folder instead of a filename.
* Show email images if sender is in Whitelist (Settings and Prefs)

Download here…0.0.9-FOSI.rar
Password :


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