ResumeMaker Professional 12.0

Icon3 ResumeMaker Professional 12.0

ResumeMaker Professional 12.0

Is your resume helping you move forward or holding you back? Advance your career and never miss another career opportunity! ResumeMaker® is packed with powerful features to help you write a better resume, land a better job, and earn a higher salary. Whether you’re actively searching for a job or just want to get your resume in shape, trust your resume and your career to ResumeMaker.
Professional Resumes That Get Results!
• Easy, STEP-BY-STEP Wizards
• Examples for 13,000+ Careers
• 150,000 Recommended Phrases
• IMPORT Your Existing Resume
• 1,000 Professional Resumes & Letters

Job Search Tools That Give You The Advantage!
• Search 5 MILLION Job Openings
• Search 20 MILLION Companies
• Distribute at TOP 90+ Career Sites
• Salary & Negotiation Tips for 2,500 Careers
• JOB AGENTS! Get Jobs by E-mail

Everything You Need to Advance Your Career!
• 500+ Virtual Interview Answers
• Contact Manager with MAIL MERGE
• FREE! Professional FONTS Inside
• Publish a WEB RESUME
• Create a PDF Resume & Burn your Portfolio to CD/DVD

Other brands of resume-writing software use a one-size-fits-all template. ResumeMaker automatically determines the best resume for you, given your career situation. Your resume stands out because it presents your skills, experience, and achievements in the best possible light and demonstrates how your unique abilities will benefit future employers. It’s a proven, professional system that uses the writing style and designs preferred by certified writers so you’ll see instant results and advance your career more quickly!

Get Noticed. Get Hired!
Write resumes and cover letters that grab employers’ attention and keep them interested. Harness the power of thousands of recommended phrases, hundreds of real-world examples, dozens of professional styles and Insider Advice you won’t find anywhere else.

Advance your Career!
Includes all the tools you need to earn a higher salary, organize your job search, and plan your career. Practice for the interview and get valuable advice from career experts. You’ll wonder how you ever managed your career without it.

Web-Enabled Features!
Publish your resume as a FREE Web page at Impress employers by e-mailing resumes that retain their original, professional format. Distribute your resume to hiring companies and search job openings online with ResumeMaker’s patented Internet features.

System Requirements
• Pentium™ class PC or higher • Microsoft Windows® XP, Me, 2000, 98 • 32 MB RAM available • CD-ROM Drive • Sound card and Speakers • Modem or Internet connection • Mouse • Hard Disk Space Needed – 125 MB • 12 MB for Career Planner • Recommended – Fax software…Pr012.rar.html


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