Correlation is the relationship between two variables, the stock and the index. Stocks with a reduced correlation help minimize the risk in our portfolio. Stocks highly correlated to the index will perform similar to the index. Based on the return deviations of the assets. Correlation moves within –1 and 1. When correlation figures are close to –1 it means that the stock and the index move in opposite directions and in the same amount, (perfect negative correlation).On the other hand when correlation is close to 1, both assets move in the same direction and quantity, if one of them increases, the other one will rise by the same amount.

When correlation is close to zero, stock and index are independent, and therefore, unrelated.


Observe the Nokia relative performance, compared to the HEX index. Note the high correlation, close to 1, makes the stocks and the index perform similarly.


Note, ENI quoting in the EuroStoxx 50 has an almost zero correlation. See how Eni performance is independent to that of the MIB30 Italian index.


Volkswagen quoting in Germany has a –0.72 correlation to the index. That is, most of the times VOWG and GDAX Index move in opposite directions.


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