Portable ICQ 6

Let the show begin! ICQ’s sleek new interface is just the beginning of the new features we’ve added for ICQ 6. We hope you enjoy the following features as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them!

Found in this release of ICQ 6:
Fresh redesigned appearance.
Extra-quick IM.
Grouped conversations.
Easy access to unread messages.
New interface for voice calls.
SMS made easier.
Total preferences control (for all you Pro freaks).
History miner.
Quicker & easier way to send files.

Coming up:
Gamers’ Heaven.
Multi user conversations, not just by IM.
All call options from one place.
Recreate your ICQ (almost everything can be built by users).
ICQ Welcome – A new name and a whole new experience!
Be a part of your friends’ world – view their photos,videos and more.
More features that we can’t talk about.

Pass: portable


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