Portable Replay Media Catcher 2.01

Download YouTube Videos with One Click!

* Record all kinds of FLV format Flash Videos.
* Capture streaming MP3 files.
* Automatically names songs and video files.
* One click recording.
* MP3 tag editor.
* Works great for hard-to-capture sites using RTMP protocol.

Introducing Replay Media Catcher, the only software that lets you capture streaming FLV format Flash Video and MP3 Audio from YouTube and thousands of other sites. It’s incredibly easy to use! Just click Start Recording, then go to your favorite site and play the videos or MP3s you like. Replay Media Catcher records the streaming media automatically.

New for Version 2.0: Unique Automatic Naming Feature

Replay Media Catcher is smart – it figures out the name of the video or MP3 file you’ve recorded, and names the file automatically. This makes it easier than ever to organize your recorded media. For MP3 files, the artist, album, song title and other information are added to the ID3 tags – this makes your recorded songs appear as they should in iTunes, Windows Media Player, or any other program that plays MP3 files.

In addition to YouTube you can Capture Video files from Thousands of FLV format Flash Video Sites including:

* MySpace™
* Sony/BMG Music Videos
* ABC™ (using older video player)
* NBC™
* MTV™
* AOL Music ™
* VH1™
* Metacafe™
* And many, many more!

Snag MP3s from MySpace™ and other Popular Music Sites

Replay Media Catcher will grab the MP3s as they stream down to your PC. In addition to MySpace™ it works great with sites like:

* Pandora™
* Radio Blog Club™
* and more!

Well Designed, Well Thought Out.

Not only is Replay Media Catcher a great tool for capturing media, but it makes your captured media easy to manage too. Here’s some of the handy features you’ll enjoy:

* Play captured videos with the included Flash™ Video player.
* Rename media files.
* Just start playing a video, and Replay Media Catcher records it all. No need to wait for it to finish!



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