Portable Skype


Skype is the next phenomenon from the people who brought you KaZaA. Just like KaZaA, Skype uses P2P (peer-to-peer) technology to connect you to other users ā€“ not to share files this time, but to talk and chat with your friends. The technology is extremely advanced ā€“ but super simple to use… Youā€™ll be making free phone calls to your friends in no time!
– Free unlimited worldwide phone calls to anyone else on Skype, anywhere in the world
– Skype video (webcam), see who you are talking to with free video calls
– Chat with up to 100 people in group chats
– Conference call with up to four people for free
– Call ordinary phones with SkypeOut
– Superior sound quality ā€“ better than your regular phone
– Your calls are encrypted ā€�end-to-endā€¯ for superior privacy
– Friends list shows you when your Skype friends are online and ready to talk or chat
– Works with all firewall, NAT and routers ā€“ nothing to configure!
– Super-simple and easy to use
– Based on cutting edge peer-to-peer technology developed by the creators of Kazaa and Joltid In order to use Skype for Windows software, your computer must meet the following minimum system requirements:
– PC running Windows 2000 or XP
– 400 MHz processor
– 128 MB RAM
– 15 MB free disk space on your hard drive
– Sound Card, speakers and microphone
– Internet Connection (either dial-up: minimum 33.6 Kbps modem, or any broadband: cable, DSL, etc.)

Changes inversion

– change: Call forwarding setup banner
– change: Extras Manager updated to version
– bugfix: Error 2739 while installing Skype

Download (13 MB)
Pass: usbtools


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