Portable TechSmith Snagit V8.0.2

Create Interactive Presentation Graphics
Add an extra level of information to the images in your
presentations by using SnagIt Editor to add clickable
inks or pop-up text/graphics to a capture. Then, paste
the interactive capture into a PowerPoint slide. Hover
over complex diagrams to show pop-ups with more detail,
hover over charts to add explanation, or click on a link
to go online directly from your presentation.

Bring your Flash Videos into PowerPoint
SnagIt makes it effortless to include Camtasia Studio
screen recordings and other videos produced in Flash format
(.swf) in your presentations. SnagIt’s add-in on the PowerPoint
toolbar now lets you select any Flash video (.swf) on your computer,
and place it in a PowerPoint slide. It really is that simple!

Resize, Reshape and Rotate Callouts
Now you can customize the shape, size, color and
direction of callout arrows and balloons. Move the callout’s tail to
exactly where you want it, so it’s not blocking an important part of
your image. Change the shape and color of the callout to better match
the image you’re placing it on. Then, save your custom callout for reuse later.

Improved Add-Ins for Office and COM
The SnagIt add-in toolbars within Office have been enhanced so you can choose
to keep the links in your captures intact and also save captures to PDF. If you
are a SnagIt COM user, SnagIt’s Web page (keep links) and Save to PDF options are
now accessible for use in your custom development environment.

SnagIt Works With 64-Bit OS and IE 7
To prepare for next-generation technologies, we’ve made SnagIt completely compatible
with the new Windows XP x64 Edition and Internet Explorer 7.

Apply the Same Effect to Multiple Areas of a Capture
Have you ever wished you could apply a blur or a spotlight to several areas of a
capture all at once? Now, we’ve enhanced SnagIt’s Editor so you can! Simply use
the selection tool to identify multiples areas on the capture, and then apply
the desired effect.

Communicate Visually over Skype
If you regularly share screen captures with Skype contacts by attaching image
files and sending them, you know that the process is time-consuming. Now, SnagIt
has a set of profiles for Skype that allow you to take screen captures and send them
directly from SnagIt to the person you’re talking to over Skype, or to any of your
other Skype contacts.

Pass: usbtools


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