Portable Trillian Pro v3.1

No Secure IM noticication
IRC Perform Buffer does not work
container windows flash infinitely on new message arrival
AIM, Away message not sent
yet another random crash from buddy.dll
Correct skin not selected in skin options.
ICQ Reconnecting.. Lose Connection… Tries again… Lose Connection
Ability to turn transparancy on in win98
Minor grammar bug -> “Can not”
16bit colour depth wont show my msn buddy icon.
2.01 crashes when joining IRC channel
Opening a window can activate a button in the window
misplaced emoticon window with containers
2.01b1 – SkinXML: Animated switchers don’t redraw ‘correctly
MSN seems to fail with Socks 4 Proxy
BugZilla won’t let me get off of CC lists
no Sign On/Sign Off messages
Container tab funkiness
Away Message in Tooltip -> cached messages are decieving
Yahoo refuses to Connect and stay connected…
2.01b1 Webcam fade is annoying
More largefonts issues (sorry)
Webcam with yahoo
Incoming file transfers on MSN don’t complete when Trillian
Auto-size tooltip image error with MSN
Directory Info – Unknown Translations
API: plugin_external_t – Should the data element really be a
> not shown in tooltip items
not xml compliant hotkeys let trillian delete events
Yahoo Idle Time seconds are wrong
Yahoo group chat inviations sent from wrong account
Misaligned window in tabbed container
Tabbed Windows
Toolbar buttons don’t pop up when you alt tab
Yahoo: User diconeect messages not displayed in message wind
Minimized container requires a mouse-click on restore to typ
MSN Buddy icons (again)
“Contact list” limited length
‘Send URL’ doesn’t like webpage title’s with quotes
Request: Only resize tooltip icons to a smaller size
Window roll up bugs
message window from container wont focus properly after drag
Webcam not properly selected (with other image capture device
ntdll.dll is a reckless driver – it crashes randomly
Unicode chars does not display properly when SecureIM is act
Winamp plugin does not pass unicode chars to systray
Tooltips, tooltips everywhere
Tips show up during renaming
contact list tooltip does not display buddy icon
Cannot connect to Yahoo!
Contact List – Person Doesn’t appear online
‘Send URL’ crashes
Y!M and MSN will not connect if using a Proxy
Webcam driver(?) causes system crash
Your last message was not sent because your over the rate limit
Aninated buddy icon bug
IRC File-transfer auto-get/resume for people on Contact List
Using AVG 7 virus file scanner
Elements don’t recognize when the mouse is moved fast out of
Toggle E-mail/Friendly Name Display
Selecting files from special folders not possible
Offline Contacts AOL freezes Trillian
Away messages don’t show in chat window
Octboer Misspelling In About
AIM Search by name and address doesn’t show results
German Umlauts don’t work any more after re-open closed chat
New query window fails to come to the foreground after click
I don’t receive files from MSN buddies
%N and %n in Away Messages Not Being Differentiated Between
Large tooltips cause display problems
Intermittent disconnects with Y! Messenger
WebCam usage causes 100 Per Cent CPU Utilisation
CTRL-F4 should close a window within a container.
xmlComposeString fails with error code -3
Yahoo having trouble again
Webcam will only show up as small size
GoneBlue (0.74 skin) doesn’t set Events in 2.01 beta; does i
Very very small text “bug” in prefs (”Trillian Error”)….
Jabber conference room- cannot see other users
Options button
Yahoo connection goes beserk
Using the ampersand in Extra Information field for contact c
Trillian’s Jabber plugin tends to disconnect, not reconnect
“Unable to get access to the clipboard”
Chosen text forground and background color are not indicated
Personal Options: Locally Echoed Name Not Working
Advanced Button disabled
Switching windown on windows toolbar does not bring up selection
Changed Yahoo Password, Problems Happen Again
If knocked off (disconnected) from AIM while buddy is typing
Links without http:// not sent to right location.
Away message tooltips don’t respect % escape character
RSS feed does not support

Download (7 MB)
Pass: usbtools


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